Electrology Instruments

Our experience repairing and reconditioning surgical instruments led us to professional Electrology. The type of tweezers used by electrologists are delicate, stainless steel instruments, much like those used in surgery. We have been repairing tweezers for over 25 years, now serving nearly a thousand professional electrologists.

The tip of each tweezer is reshaped to it’s original form, and the tension is adjusted. We clean and completely refinish each instrument.

Our fee is $5 per tweezer, $4 per tweezer for quantities of 20 or more. There is an $8 per order charge for return shipping.

All you need to do is send your tweezers (we recommend using a box or padded envelope) along with a check, to the address below. Normally the instruments we receive are on their way back to our customers either the day we receive them or the following day.

“You guys are great! In no time at all my tweezers are back and like new.”
Mindi S. Stoner
Electrologist Denver, PA
surgical instruments
“Thank you, you always do a great job!”
Lois Mezzano
CPE Red Bank, NJ